Event Updates

There have been some changes to our upcoming events as follows:

May 14th Urban Tree Festival dance out is now confirmed.

June 28th dance out has been moved to The Sportsman at Mogador (always a favourite location).

We have new events as follows:

August 16th sees the welcome return of the Croydon Night of Dance, which will start at (around) 7pm-ish

August 30th is a new dance out with Pennyroyal Clog at The Builders Arms in Croydon.

Open Evening on January 11th

The Wild Hunt are recruiting!

If you fancy having a go at our style of morris (and, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?), then get yourself along to our regular practice venue at the 10th Croydon Scout Hut on St James’s Rd, Croydon.

We kick-off at about 8pm and run on until 9:45.

Come on, give us a go – we won’t bite!